5 Features Of Great Arizona Land

If you’re looking for vacant Arizona land for sale, we’re here to tell you that not all properties are created equal. While buying land can prove to be an amazing investment either in your future development plans or as a financial endeavor, there are characteristics that make certain pieces of land much better than others. In this video post, Jeff shares the Top 5 Features of Great Arizona Land. Enjoy!

5 Features of a Great Piece of Land
Hey, this is Jeff with Southwest Land Deals. A recent post we had on our page was some of the five things, features of land in Arizona that make it a good investment or something to look at.

And the first one is just going to be location. So if you’re looking for something … I’m out here in the West Valley, the way West Valley, outside Buckeye and Tonopah. In terms of location, it’s a great location. It’s right along the I-10. Well, we’re a couple miles south of the I-10, so you don’t hear a lot of that noise, but we can be in downtown Phoenix in 45 minutes, depending on traffic. So in terms of location, it’s a great spot where you can get out of town, have an acre or two acres or five acres, have some horses, have some animals out here, but still be able to get into town, get to the airport, any hospitals, sporting events. And so, location is going to be one thing that you’re going to want to look at in terms of land.

Features is another one. Features are going to be, is it nice and flat? So out here in the way West Valley, Tonopah, still in Maricopa County, we’ve got some mountain ranges, but by and large, the features are just low desert type of land. You’ve got the Creosotes here, some Palo Verdes, some mesquites, but by and large, pretty flat and pretty easy to build on.

Access is going to be huge. So this one actually has a easement here. And then also behind me, if you can see along the power lines, a nice easy road coming in. You can see a truck. Actually, there’s a horse trailer there pulling in behind me. So that’s a paved road. Nice, easy access. So that’s going to be really important when you’re looking at properties to purchase.

You’re going to want to look at your neighbors. So out here in Tonopah, these are all one acre lots, so you’re not right on top of anybody, but you do have some neighbors out here. I just was talking to a guy. Funny enough, his name was Jeff. A very nice guy. He was telling me all about the neighborhood and what was going on.

And then zoning. So the last thing you’re going to want to look at when you’re buying land is zoning. So is it going to be zoned for residential, and if so, is there a lot size minimum? So out here in Tonopah, a lot of times you’ll see a RU-43, which is a one acre minimum. Sometimes we have a lot of ranchettes up in northern Arizona, and those minimums are 10 acres, or even 40 acres sometimes. So you’re going to want to know the zoning and what you’re going to be allowed to do on the property. So if you’re looking for a commercial project and it’s only zoned residential, you’re going to want to maybe take a second look at that.

In terms of purchasing properties in Arizona, five features that make it a good land investment are going to be: location, is the location going to meet what you’re looking for; the features around the property; the access, because of course you’re going to want to be able to get there; your neighbors and your zoning. So we’ve got lots of properties with all of these features. We try to make everything as easy as we can on our side and doing our due diligence before we sell it so that any of those questions you might have, we can help answer.

Again this is Jeff with Southwest Land Deals. You can check out any of our properties at southwestlanddeals.com. Thanks.

At Southwest Land Deals, we know all of the features of Arizona land that make it the best buy for your needs. We take the time to listen to your goals and are happy to walk you step by step through the land buying process. Southwest Land Deals will answer any questions you may have without any obligation. Send us a message or give Southwest Land Deals a call today at 480-442-7787!

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