Top Things To Watch For When Buying Land in Arizona

When buying land in Arizona, it can be easy to get caught up in the process and potentially overlook essential characteristics of the property. Understanding the factors that drive the current value on the market can help you keep your focus as you buy land for development, your own personal use, or to build your … Continued

How to Generate a Passive Income Through Real Estate in Arizona

These days, generating a passive income through real estate offers a great way to increase both your bank account and your investment portfolio. Many different real estate market sectors are available to investors like you to ultimately give you financial freedom. By diversifying your real estate portfolio and spreading your investments across various sectors, you … Continued

3 Ways the Arizona Real Estate Industry Has Changed in the Last 10 Years

The Arizona real estate industry is always changing and evolving. Technology has dramatically influenced the standards in the day-to-day practice of the real estate business, and it continues to evolve. More sophisticated, user-friendly business models have also grown out of the changes to serve consumers’ needs better in every area of life. In this post, we … Continued

Creative Uses for Vacant Land in Arizona

These days side hustles are quickly becoming one of the best ways to bring in extra income. But did you know you could generate passive cash flow with little more than a piece of property? Land is a straightforward and simple real estate investment. There aren’t typically any expenses to deal with other than taxes … Continued

The Biggest Red Flags to Look for When Buying Land in Arizona

Buying land is quickly becoming the newest trend in real estate. Whether you want to purchase a vacant parcel to build a home, start a business, create a recreational getaway, or use as a lucrative investment, you’ll find that untouched earth offers a blank canvas for a number of uses. But before you sign on … Continued

How to Buy Land to Build a House in Arizona

So, you have decided to buy land to build a house. It may sound simple; however, you will find many decisions are ahead of you now. There is a great deal about the process to learn; however, many happy homeowners before you have taken the journey from finding and purchasing their land to building their … Continued

Should You Buy Land in Arizona?

Are you wondering if you should buy land in Arizona? Maybe you have plans for development. Maybe you found a gorgeous piece of natural wilderness that you thought would make a fantastic recreational retreat. Or maybe you inherited a property and just aren’t sure if you should keep it. Whatever your reason for wanting to buy … Continued

How to Rezone a Property in Arizona

Picture this: You have an incredible plan to develop a vacant piece of land only to find out that you’ll need to rezone a property in order to make it happen. There are many reasons to seek rezoning, typically when developing land for specific purposes, be it housing developments or commercial enterprises, industrial, agricultural, or … Continued

5 Do’s and Don’t of Buying Investment Property in Arizona

Investing wisely in real estate creates tremendous wealth and passive income through long-term cash flow. In addition, investing done right allows you to maintain control of how you live your life. Savvy real estate investing will enable you to spend your time as you wish while looking forward to enjoying your golden years. It takes … Continued

4 Things You Should Know About Land Surveys in Arizona

Good fences make good neighbors, especially when they’re in the right place. When you are ready to buy land, recently surveyed land is the best land available. Land surveys are well worth the cost because they precisely show you what you are buying. They also help you avoid the expense of dealing with the responsibility … Continued

4 Reasons Why Savvy Investors Are Adding Arizona Land to Their Portfolios

Building your nest egg takes a careful balance of making intelligent investments, the key to success being a good location at a great price. In addition, diversifying your real estate portfolio through carefully laid out plans for your entry and exit strategies, with the flexibility to make adjustments as needed, serves to protect your holdings … Continued

Looking to Buy Land? 5 Ways to Profit From Land in Arizona

People have lots of reasons to buy land in Arizona: maybe you’re looking for a homesite; maybe you want to create an off-the-grid retreat; maybe you want to hold it and let the value increase over time: or maybe you want to develop the property in order to generate a passive income. Or, and we’ve … Continued