5 Ways to Make Money From Vacant Land in Arizona

As a limited commodity, there is an inherent stability in land ownership. Additionally, there are several ways for real estate investors to benefit from adding land to their portfolio. Some of them seem pretty obvious, but others require a little more out-of-the-box thinking. Before you make such a large investment, it is beneficial to explore … Continued

5 Features of Arizona Land That Make It Good Investment

There are many creative methods to earn an income from land, even when vacant. These days, many people find that buying land at below market value then reselling it at a higher purchase price can prove a lucrative business. Another option is buying vacant land in an area poised to grow then holding the land … Continued

How To Find Great Deals On Arizona Land

Looking to buy vacant land in the Southwest? Great deals on Arizona land are out there. It just takes a little digging, a dash of unconventional thinking, and looking beyond traditional real estate listings. But if you know where and how to look, you can find land for below market value. In this post, we … Continued

21 Real Estate Terms To Know Before You Buy Land in Arizona

When it comes to buying land, or any property for that matter, there are a number of real estate terms that agents and sellers use in their transactions. The team at Southwest Land Deals puts a priority on making sure our clients have the best experience working with us, and that includes keeping buyers in … Continued

5 Signs of a Reliable Land Buying Company

Did you know that in addition to selling amazing property in Arizona and the Southwest, we also buy land? Check out this post from the other side of our family business, Investment Land Alliance. More and more, land buying companies are playing a growing role in the real estate industry. People who find themselves with … Continued

5 Basic Steps To Buying Commercial Property In Arizona

Most of the time, we focus on the benefits of buying residential or recreational land. Southwest Land Deals has gained a great reputation for knowing our way around larger, more remote properties. But every now and again we come across a commercial property with incredible potential either for a business or for an investor to … Continued

Top 3 Benefits of Buying Vacant Land For Sale By Owner

As you can imagine, we’re big fans of buying vacant land in Arizona, or just about anywhere for that matter. For one thing, compared to buying a house, buying land is pretty much hassle free and a lot less complicated. You have a variety of options of what you can do with the land whether … Continued

The 5 Biggest Signs of a Bad Land Deal in Arizona

More and more, people are seeing the benefits of investing in raw land. For one it’s a limited resource, there’s a finite amount of it to go around. Also, when done right, the payoff can provide a nice financial gain. Finally, the whole process of buying and selling a vacant property proves a much simpler … Continued

Types of Land Investments in Arizona

Buying land is a wonderful way to invest in real estate. However, not all land is created equal. If you are considering adding land to your investment portfolio, take some time and learn about the different types of land investments available in Arizona. And then check out Southwest Land Deals and we’ll help you find … Continued

Quick Guide to Buying Land Cheap in Arizona

Buying land can be one of the best, easiest, and least cash-intensive ways to getting started in and building a lucrative real estate investing business. But many investors are burdened with a prejudice against investing in land and so don’t see the many benefits. Or maybe they have tried it with poor results because, although the … Continued

Types of Wildlife in Arizona

Antelope, elk, deer, fish—these are just some of the very diverse types of wildlife we have in the Southwest. In this video, Jeff talks about the wide range of animals you can find here and why you’ll want to buy your own piece of Arizona land to enjoy all our nature. From the Video: Hey, … Continued