A Look at Power Installation

In this video, Jeff stops by one of our properties in Tonopah, Arizona, where the power installation is just going in. He talks about how it works and some alternatives to think about when building on more remote land.

A Look at Installing Power

From the video:

Hey this is Jeff Fassett. Just out here at one of these projects we’re finishing up.

We put a new manufactured home on a one acre parcel out here in Arizona, Maricopa County. And some of this, that, you don’t generally get to see is, we just are getting the power put in. So you can see the trenching behind me and that’s down about four feet. And then the conduit, you can see here, where the clean out. And that’s going to run all the way over to the power line. So they basically drop the power down, bring it about four feet underground, and then it comes to this new, brand new pedestal. And so you can see that this is where the meter is going to go. It’s not in yet because we haven’t got the final inspection yet from the power company.

And then you have the sub panel here. And so we put in a 200 amp service. So you have the main breaker and a 200 amp service that then feeds the house. So we have the new concrete pedestal where that goes, the grounding line here, the copper grounding line to ground that. And then that actually feeds right into the house underneath here so this drops down from this box and then feeds the house.

So this is what a brand new pedestal looks like on this manufactured house out here in Arizona. Just kind of a neat look that you can see underneath the ground, see how deep they really go. I think it’s a four foot hole, like I said, just to make it nice and safe. And this is just coming in with traditional power.

Of course you could also go, a more remote power, you could go with solar would be the most other common one. But this is in a rural area but there’s still power, you can see the power lines behind me, so we went with just a traditional, off the pole, bury the line underneath, and put the brand new pedestal in as the easiest way to go here.

You could also, like I said, go solar with a more remote and you’d still have something similar to this where it feeds the house, where you have the main breaker, and then it feeds the house into that.

Hopefully that is helpful. Again my name is Jeff. Any other questions or if you want to check out our current properties you can always check it out on our website. Thanks!

If you have questions about power installation, you can call us anytime. And don’t forget to ask about the current inventory at Southwest Land Deals of the best investment land available in Arizona. Call Southwest Land Deals at 480-442-7787.

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