A Quick Look at Installing a Septic System

When it comes to building a home on a vacant piece of land, adding in a septic system is a vital step. In this video post, Jeff shares a unique look at what it takes to install a septic system and shares how the team at Southwest Land Deals can help you with every step of creating your dream project. Take a look!

A Quick Look at Installing a Septic System

From the video:

Hey, this is Jeff Fassett. I’m out here at a project we’re just finishing up.

And kind of got a unique experience to see the septic system all uncovered and just getting put in.

So I’ve got, right behind me, these are a couple of clean outs coming off of the house here. And then behind me, you can see the tank, it’s about a 1500 gallon tank, so a giant concrete tank. And then beyond that you’ve got the distribution box. And this is a pretty big septic system.

It’s just a standard, typical system—nothing special about it other than it’s got the three leach fields. And so how it works is the waste will come from the house, you’ve got the clean outs here in case you know anything gets backed up or you need to clean things out so you’ve got those. It comes into the septic tank and then it comes out. And in this distribution box, it’s got to be perfectly level, the waste will come down and go to one of these three leach fields.

The advantage of this is obviously that the leach fields are huge and you really should never need to replace those. And this is a pretty standard system where you’ve got the tank into the distribution box and into the horizontal leach fields.

Some of the alternatives that we’ve got, so this is on an acre property so we have plenty of room to do that here. But I’ve also seen them come into the septic tank, into the distribution box and then actually drill a giant hole into the ground like 30 feet deep by probably 10 or 8 feet wide. And that’s going to be used when you maybe you don’t have as much space as we have here to go horizontal and you can actually just go deeper into the ground. And so that’s a little bit of a variation on a standard system.

Some of the other systems are lower, they don’t go as deep. So these holes here are probably about six feet deep, so they’re nice and deep we’ll be able to landscape over them. But some of the shallow, like when there’s a lower water table, there’s some other alternative systems that stay higher up or have some different tank configurations.

But I just want to take advantage and show you what a typical septic system looks like from the ground up because normally you don’t get to see one at this stage of construction.

If you have any other questions, you can feel free to give us a call or you can also check out any of the properties we have on the website. Thanks!

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