Types of Wildlife in Arizona

Antelope, elk, deer, fish—these are just some of the very diverse types of wildlife we have in the Southwest. In this video, Jeff talks about the wide range of animals you can find here and why you’ll want to buy your own piece of Arizona land to enjoy all our nature.

Types of Wildlife in the Southwest

From the Video:

Hey, this is Jeff with Southwest Land Deals. And what I want to talk a little bit about is: How diverse the wildlife is in the Southwest, especially in Arizona and New Mexico, how many different types of animals we really do have here, and what makes it so special.

So first of all, Arizona’s a little bit different in that the Game & Fish, or that the State owns all of the big game wildlife; so you always have to get drawn or selected to go hunt those.

But I just want to touch on some of the world-class animals that we do have here. We have elk, which are, you know, massive. We actually have two types of deer—we have a mule deer and a Coues deer. We have antelope. We have javelina, which is actually a peccary. We have two types of bighorn sheep, which a lot of people don’t know about—we have the desert and we have the Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep. We have sandhill crane, we have wild turkey, we’ve got bison, we’ve got bear, we’ve got mountain lion, we’ve got some of the other cats—the bobcats, coatimundis.

And then we have a ton of type of birds. We’ve got dove, quail, ducks. We actually have two or three different types of quail, in terms of Mearns’ and Gambel quail. We have a couple different types of rabbits—we have cottontail and jackrabbit. There’s coyotes. We have the Mexican wolf, which you’re not allowed to hunt that. But we do have that in the Northern parts of Arizona. We have desert tortoises, we have snapping turtles. We’ve got world-class fish in terms of bass along the Colorado River, in our lakes and streams. We have rainbow trout, and a series of others, there’s the brown trout.

So there’s all kinds of things to get out in nature and experience in terms of wildlife. That’s one of the questions, or one of the reasons that we really love it here, is that there are so many opportunities to see wildlife and be a part of it. And something that we really take a lot of pride in, is offering properties that you can buy, and get in there, and to live with the wildlife. We have a lot of people that report back to us that they had a deer or an elk or a javelina or a turkeys going through their backyard or their acreage after working with us. 

We’re always getting new properties at SouthwestLandDeals.com, or you can give us a call in the office, 480-442-7787. Thanks.

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