4 Types of Popular Arizona Land Investments and How to Evaluate Them

There are lots of options for investing in land to build a profitable portfolio

When some people think about buying land, they picture a big, empty property in the middle of nowhere. But land investing involves finding all kinds of gems in every atmosphere. This is great news because it gives you even more benefits and possible exit strategies. When you’re thinking about investing in land, here are 4 types of popular land investments and how to evaluate them.

4 Types Of Popular Land Investments And How To Evaluate Them

#1. Infills

These small properties exist in town and are often an undeveloped piece of land in the middle of a suburban area. When looking at these properties, consider how easy it is to build and whether the area is in a desirable location. Infills can be a fast, simple way to make money on building if you can build affordable and sell quickly.

#2. Subdivision Development

These tracts of land can be quite large and hold the promise of building a subdivision of houses. When evaluating this land, make sure that city services can be affordably extended to the area, and city bylaws allow you to subdivide the land. Some large subdivision developments around the country have stalled because city services couldn’t affordably be extended to the land.

#3. Commercial Development

Raw land can be turned into a warehouse, factory, storage facility, shopping space, restaurant, mechanic shop, or even a doctor’s office. When evaluating the potential of commercial development land, consider whether your preferred development will work on that land. For example, if you plan to build a shopping mall, is there road access and shoppers who live nearby?

#4. Recreation

Not all land needs to be developed. You may choose to acquire land and instead of seeking out a financial ROI, you may want to invest in the land and use it for your enjoyment. This is a legitimate and very common reason to invest. When evaluating this type of land, ask yourself whether you’ll be allowed to build a cabin or hunt and fish on this land and whether it’s safe to allow others to do so too.


These aren’t the only ways to invest in land but these are 4 types of popular land investments. These are great options to build a profitable portfolio!

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