5 Reasons You Should Be Adding Vacant Land in Arizona To Your Portfolio

Vacant land is an often overlooked investment opportunity. Vacant landowners in Arizona can be easier to negotiate with because the owner usually doesn’t have any emotional ties to the property; in some cases, it was given to them in probate and they really aren’t interested or financially able to invest in vacant land. But whatever their reason for selling, here are our Top 5 Reasons You Should be Adding Vacant Land in Arizona to Your Portfolio.

1) Little Competition

First up: there’s little competition for you as a buyer. Most real estate investors focus on real estate that contains buildings, houses, complexes, etc. because that’s what most people think of as real estate investments. By thinking a little outside the box, you can find great investment opportunities that others may miss. You can pick up vacant land at public auction, wholesale websites, off the MLS, or directly from owners via for sale by owner websites or by old fashioned mailers. 

2) Land is Affordable

The second reason you should be adding vacant land in Arizona to your portfolio is that vacant land is more affordable overall than traditional real estate. The purchase price is significantly lower than a property with a structure on it, like a house, duplex, or commercial building. Also, the annual tax burden will not be anywhere near as large as that of traditional real estate. 

3) Opportunity

This one really comes into play for investors looking for vacant land in Arizona on which to build. When you own vacant land, you have the opportunity to build the property that makes the most sense for its location. This will be especially profitable if you purchase land in the path of progress. Depending on your project, whether building homes, commercial areas, or even create an incredible recreational retreat, we can help you find the best piece of vacant land to meet your needs. 

4) Low Maintenance

The fourth reason you should be buying in vacant land in Arizona is that land offers an extremely low maintenance investment. If you purchase real estate with a building, then there are costly inspections and regular upkeep so the building doesn’t deteriorate from neglect. Land, on the other hand, typically requires far less tending. Even better, the land we typically offer is located in more remote, natural areas meaning, little to no maintenance is needed. 

5) Long Distance Ownership

The fifth reason you should be adding vacant land in Arizona to your portfolio is that it is the easiest real estate investment to make from a distance. Technology has advanced enough that you can know what your property looks like without ever seeing it! You can see the layout of the area through aerial imagery from your favorite search engine and know if it would affect the property value or not. You can also research the history of the title, any taxes or liens owed on the property, and complete the closing from the comfort of your own home. Or just ask us about it and we’ll be happy to share all of that information with you.

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