5 Ways To Tell A Great Land Buyer From A Bad One

You are in the market to sell your vacant land in Arizona and are comparing buyers. But how do you know if the buyer you find is good or bad? Here, we give you our Top 5 Tips on how to determine if a land buyer will work to your benefit or fall short.

1) Quick Cash

Great land buyers will offer you a quick closing; sometimes as fast as 2 business days. They will offer to pay for your property in 100% cash, but may also use other payment types to suit the situation. Great buyers will also keep you well informed if extraneous situations arise or hidden facts are uncovered which may impact the purchase price of the land.

Bad land buyers are often difficult to get in touch with. They may offer you a quick closing but constantly delay or do not return your phone calls or emails. Also, bad land buyers may try to readjust the price, maybe even multiple times.

2) Great Reviews

A great buyer will have a lot of reviews, mostly positive. We all know that things happen, and sometimes people make mistakes, so there may be some negative reviews. This shouldn’t sway your decision too much at first, but make sure to read if the land buyer has responded to the reviews. Also, don’t be afraid to ask around. Many times, finding a great land buyer can come from word-of-mouth references.

3) Their Personality

Great land buyers have a positive attitude about real estate. They know about the current market and will help educate sellers on land values and what to expect throughout the sales process. Great buyers will also follow through in their communication with you. If you ask them to call you back at a certain time, they will do so consistently. They will also be more than happy to answer your questions.

Bad land buyers will amp you up and disappoint. They will set appointments with you, and never call you back or never show up. They don’t have a good working knowledge of real estate trends, and they will typically put off answering your questions.

4) References

References are an important part of business. A great land buyer will have multiple references you can call to see how they do business. What’s more, they shouldn’t hesitate to answer any of your questions. Be sure to take a look at their website. A good website should be professional and easy to use. You should be able to find solid information about the buyer’s process, contact information, and their office team.

Bad land buyers typically have generic websites with little to no information about how they work or who you will be working with. You probably won’t find any reviews or if there are some, they will be very generic. Finally, be wary of land buyers who are hesitant to put you in touch with any former clients.

 5) Land Closings

A great land buyer will commit to a relatively quick closing date. They will not try to rush you or make you feel uncomfortable with any part of the land buying process.

A bad home buyer may try to extend the closing date multiple times, or ignore the closing date altogether. They could either put you off or make you feel rushed to sign contracts. A bad land buyer will talk a big game to gain your trust only to leave you hanging with no closing.

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