Adding A Septic System to Off the Grid Land

Picture a rustic cabin on a remote piece of land, far away from it all. There’s peace and quiet, wide-open landscapes, and nature all around. Maybe even some rocking chairs on the front porch. Sounds great, right?

But what’s the number one thing most people don’t really consider when dreaming of their ideal getaway? Where they’re going to…number 2.

In this video, Jeff talks basics on how to add a septic system to your off the grid land. He’ll show you how to pick the right spot, explain a percolation test, and tell you about different septic options.

Off the Grid Septic Systems
From the video:

Hey, this is Jeff with Southwest Land Deals. I was out here looking at some property and it made me think about the septic system when you’re living off the grid and out of town where they don’t have sewage lines. A lot of times you’re going to need to put in your own septic system. So I just thought I’d talk real quick about those steps.

The first one is going to be, obviously, find an amazing piece of land that you want to put something on and that’s where we can definitely help. Second step is going to be find where you’re going to want to put your, put your property.

So on this house, or on this land, is a nice clearing here, nice and level, you get a little bit of elevation, with the trees. And these are all up in Northern Arizona.

And you are going to then pick a spot and you’re going to do a percolation test. And basically what that is, is somebody’s going to come out, they’re going to drill some holes in the dirt, they’re going to put some water in there, and then they’re just testing to see how fast that percolates into the ground. And once it passes that, and this land does pretty good because it’s pretty flat, there are some rocks, but it percolates really well.

And then from there, you’re just going to need to decide if you’re going to do a traditional type system, with a concrete tank or a plastic tank that are all reinforced and nice and sturdy. And then you just put it into the ground, based on where ever your site plan is, and they come out and they dig it. And then they’ll do a leach field and from there you’re all set in terms of your very own septic system.

So it’s been pretty straight forward, pretty easy, especially on a piece of property like this. It’s got lots of sites you could develop and build on a 40-acre parcel.

So those are the steps. I hope that was helpful. And as always check out our newest land deals on, or give us a call in the office 480-442-7787. Look forward to speaking with you soon. Thanks.

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