5 Common Misconceptions About Buying Land in Arizona From A Professional Land Company

When it comes to buying land in Arizona, you might hesitate at the thought of working with a Professional Land Company. Maybe you’ve heard horror stories about people dealing with unethical practices. Perhaps the thought of a fast, stress-free closing raises some red flags for you. Or maybe you just don’t know all the benefits of buying land in Arizona from a Professional Land Company like Southwest Land Deals. We totally get it.

There are lots of myths floating around about Professional Land Companies. We’d like to take just a second to dispel some of the biggest ones. A little background on us before we dive in: the team at Southwest Land Deals has decades of Arizona From A Professional Land Company. (And then we’ll tell you why they’re wrong.)

1) Professional Land Companies are Unethical

The prevailing misconception people have about buying land in Arizona from a professional land company is that they take advantage of people. The truth is quite the opposite. The team at Southwest Land Deals truly wants the best result to come from all of our interactions. We are completely transparent in the way we buy and sell land. We’ll share our research about each property we list, answer any and all questions you may have, and work with you every step of the way to make the buying process easy for you.

2) Professional Land Companies are Unfair

This is another misconception that comes up when some people think of buying land in Arizona. They often think that land sellers just make up prices with little to no research. Reputable sellers like Southwest Land Deals will provide you with the data on how we came to our price on a particular piece of land. We want to you to feel great about the parcel you buy. More importantly, we won’t pressure you into buying land from us. That’s just not how we work.

3) Professional Land Companies are Money Hungry

Another mistaken belief that people have about buying land in Arizona from a professional land company is that they are just in it for money—that they jack up the price of each property when trying to sell it. But, quite the contrary. Professional companies like Southwest Land Deals want to achieve a win-win, so you’ll feel good about the deal long after the closing. We accomplish this by providing complete details of how we calculated the numbers to reach our price. 

4) Professional Land Companies Have Hidden Fees

The next misconception we hear about buying land in Arizona is that professional companies use all kinds of hidden fees. This is absolutely not true at Southwest Land Deals. We use simple and transparent contracts, and we are upfront about the process from the start. Not only will you walk away from the closing feeling great about your land purchase, but we don’t charge a commission for our services. 

5) Professional Land Companies Have A Slow Process

The final erroneous idea people have about buying land in Arizona from a professional land company is that the process takes is complicated and takes a long time to close. However, by buying land from an experienced property seller, like Southwest Land Deals, new buyers are able to avoid jumping through all the hoops of working with a real estate agent or buying an FSBO property. We’ve done hundreds of deals so we can close on the sale of your land in your time frame.

Still have reservations about working with a professional land company? The team at Southwest Land Deals can answer any of your questions or concerns with no obligation. Call Southwest Land Deals at 480-442-7787 or send us a message to learn more.

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