Creative Uses for Vacant Land in Arizona

These days side hustles are quickly becoming one of the best ways to bring in extra income. But did you know you could generate passive cash flow with little more than a piece of property? Land is a straightforward and simple real estate investment. There aren’t typically any expenses to deal with other than taxes as a landowner. No repairs to pay for or tenants to evict. However, if you are simply holding land waiting for it to appreciate, you might as well put it to work while you wait. We’re here to share some of the most fantastic, Creative Uses for Vacant Land in Arizona.

Before we jump in and share our favorite creative uses for vacant land, we need to share one detail. Before you begin, make sure the land you own holds the proper zoning for your out of the box plan. You can’t set up a campground in a residential neighborhood, and so on. With that said, let’s go!

Parking Lot

One of the most lucrative creative uses for vacant land is to park it. If you own a property in a commercially zoned or mixed-use area, you can lease out the property to local businesses to use for parking. You could also choose to set up a private parking lot yourself, charging cars as they come in. This can be an amazing set up if you own land close to an area where special events are held.

Vehicle, Boat or RV Storage

Another one of our creative uses for vacant land is to create storage. Some people don’t have room to park all their toys. Some communities won’t allow it! Densely populated areas will usually have smaller yards. People who own a boat, RV or additional vehicles, might not have anywhere to put them! By turning your undeveloped lot into storage, you can collect several monthly rent payments with little overhead. Be sure to check your insurance and liability requirements.


If you own property in a rural and desirable area, find out what needs to be done to allow camping on the property. While you could choose to make improvements to the land, beneficial to campers, you could also choose to let people stay there as-is. We have a number of properties where you could really show off one of our favorite uses for vacant land in Arizona.

Horses and Livestock

If your land is zoned agriculturally, you can choose to keep horses or livestock on the property. This has tax benefits as well. If owning animals isn’t your speed, you could lease to a breeder, providing a monthly income for you with little to no work.

Lease To Hunter or Farmer

If you own a large parcel and it is properly zoned, you might have the ability to lease it to a hunter or farmer. This is actually relatively common as you can find people to use the land for a short period of time. Sometimes, leasing the land for one season to a local farmer can be very lucrative!


This is a fabulous one of our creative uses for vacant land! No matter where you live in the USA, there are likely traveling events that pop up near where you live. These events pay landowners to lease the space on a short-term basis. You will need to find out the permitting process, but you can use your land to host events such as circuses, Octoberfests, and carnivals. Make sure you have solid contracts with these vendors, limiting your liability.

Make It Green(er)

With green technology popping up everywhere, landowners are using this to their advantage. For example, you could choose to install solar panels on the property, selling the energy back to the electric company for a profit each month.

Develop It

The best way to generate value from undeveloped Arizona land is to develop it. Check for zoning requirements, working utilities, paved roads, etc. Compare your options before deciding what to build/ What kind of structure can you get up for the least amount of money that will generate the greatest return? Commercial, residential, multi-family? Take a look at the costs to determine what will work for you!

Flip It

Flipping land is a niche that investors don’t always take advantage of. Land can often be acquired at a low price and resold much higher when the right buyer is found. When you find a motivated seller, the deal can get even sweeter. Getting started with land can be much easier than investing in residential real estate. There are no maintenance costs, and the holding costs are minimal. Even if you can’t find a buyer immediately, you won’t be losing too much by having the property sit in your portfolio.

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