Land Uses: Thinking Outside the Box from Southwest Land Deals

In this video, Jeff talks about some of the more clever ways our clients have used they land they’ve purchased from Southwest Land Deals. This may just inspire you to stretch your creativity when it comes to buying Arizona land for sale.

Land Uses: Thinking Outside the Box

From the video:

Hey, this is Jeff with Southwest Land Deals. And the other day we were in the office and we were talking about some of the unique things that people have done with some of the land they purchased from us here in Arizona. Whether it’s in Northern Arizona or Western or Southern Arizona. 

But we get that a lot obviously because we do specialize in larger rural acreages. It gives people the opportunity to do more than just build a house on the property or just put a mobile home on the property. Obviously, we get a lot of people that are looking to use the property just as a recreational type use maybe go out a few times a year and hunt or camp or RV on the property. A lot of off the grid living which is amazing use for the property, especially when you get into the more rural areas and you can get off the grid and build your own to stainable housing. 

But we also have some crazy requests that I thought I’d like to share. And so some of those are are creating a venue. Whether that’s a concert type of, you know, an annual type of an event on a large piece of property. We’ve had people look at doing paintball. And so creating their own paintball, I guess, range or competition area. We have some animal rescues, which is amazing. We also have some wildlife preserves where people wanted to just preserve a 40-acre or a 100-acre parcel and keep it with nature and provide a safe place for animals to come. We’ve had some where they want to develop a dirt bike or an RV, or not an RV, but an ATV or side-by-side track to race those. Or just to be out in the desert and tap into a trail system, whether that’s the Arizona Trail that runs throughout Arizona, or there’s a new one (the Arizona Peace Trail) that’s running along the Western Arizona, that goes all the way from Yuma, all the way up to Kingman and back around. And then we’ve also had some people that did like long-range shooting. So he lived in a different state where they couldn’t do that. He was former military and he wanted to come out to his land here and shoot long-range, like a thousand yards, so a really long ways. We’ve had some people that are buying those 40 acre, or 40-foot storage containers off of the boats and building like a fallout shelter or total storage facility that’s totally remote in case of like a doomsday, off the grid, prepping type of situation. And then we’ve also had people that wanted to buy neighboring properties and build up a whole community that’s totally off the grid. 

So I hope that helps and gives you some ideas on land can be used for a lot more than just building a house or camping on it. But there’s all kinds of things out there that you can use land for.

And as always, we’re always buying new land to offer at, or you can give us a call in the office at 480-442-7787.

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