6 Reasons We’re Buying Vacant Land In Arizona (And Why You Might Want To Buy Too)

When most people think of real estate investing they think of houses, or maybe even apartment buildings. But at Southwest Land Deals, we are all about buying vacant land. Wanna know why?

Top 6 Reasons To Buying Vacant Land in Arizona

1. Scarcity

There’s only so much land available out there. We can help you find your perfect property today.

No one is making more land! The land we have is all that’s available. This means that the supply is always dwindling but demand has never been higher. Declining supply and increasing demand help to drive the value of land investments generally upward.

2. Affordable

In many cases, raw land can be a very affordable investment, especially when compared against a property that has a house built on it. We can even offer owner financing with flexible terms. If you want to see our inventory of affordable raw land, click here and enter your information into the form.

3. Exit Strategies

If you own a house as a real estate investment, you pretty much have two options: renting it out or flipping it. But with land, you have many more exit strategies available, some may even surprise you. To start, you can enjoy the land yourself for recreational purposes or to create an incredible getaway. You can develop it or even subdivide. Or you can hold onto the property and wait as the value climbs. Finally, you can rent it out for to farmers or to recreation companies. Those are just some ideas.

4. Growth Opportunities

Raw land is perhaps the most basic real estate investment you can get. But the great thing is: even making simple improvements to the land – think clearing or mowing it – can help to increase the value of the land quickly.

5. Easy

For buy-and-hold investors, vacant land is a very easy investment. You buy, and then do nothing! Unlike with houses, owning land brings little to no maintenance responsibilities. It’s one of the easiest investments you can make.

6. Fun

Look beyond the potential financial return on investment (ROI) and consider the “fun factor” – your own enjoyment of your land can also make it a great investment. With an investment in land, you now have a place to get away from the city, go on picnics with the family, go camping or RV’ing, or just have a place where you can create your own escape from it all.

If you’re ready to start buying vacant land, check out our raw land inventory to see if there’s an investment there for you, just click here and enter your information or pick up the phone and call us at 480-442-7787.

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