Arizona’s Open Range Guidelines

With the state’s long, rich history in open range livestock, Arizona gives ranchers and farmers a little more latitude when it comes to containing their herds. In this video, Jeff offers a great overview of the Open Range rules.

Open Range State
From the video:

Hey, this is Jeff with Southwest Land Deals, out here looking at some properties and I ran across this. It’s something that you see, and a question we get quite a bit, and see behind me here. We’ve got a neighbor of one of our properties has his fence up. And so what you’ll see is Arizona’s an open range state. Which that mean farmers can generally let their cows or their herds roam around and graze in the general area.

And so, unless you want that on your property, or if you don’t mind it, or if you’re just coming up to camp, you can not fence it. But if you decide you want to fence it, you can definitely do that and all that does is protect your property. And it’s as simple as just a barbed wire fence here is all you need and that will keep the animals off.

Otherwise, like I said, it’s an open range state where the farmers can, or the ranchers can, have their herds just roaming around and grazing as they need to.

So hopefully that’s helpful. We get that question a lot, “Can I fence my property?” And the answer is absolutely you can. It’s your property. The farmer doesn’t have a right to that. But by default, if it’s not fenced then it allows them the chance to let their herds graze.

Hopefully that’s helpful. As always, you can check out our latest land deals at Thanks!

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