How a Hybrid Agent Can Help You Buy the Perfect Property in Arizona

Naturally, you want to buy the perfect property in Arizona. But, for many buyers, their first thought is to find an excellent real estate agent to help them, unaware of how working with a hybrid agent offers advantages over the traditional option. Primarily, buyers seek the guidance of those experienced with real estate transactions to … Continued

How to Find the Best Land for Sale in Arizona

Finding the best land for sale in Arizona: It can be like finding a needle in a haystack. When you’re looking to find the perfect property that best suits your investment strategy, budget, and purpose, you run the possibility of feeling overwhelmed. Yet, savvy investors purchase superb pieces of land daily, improving returns and cash … Continued

How Buying Land Can Help You Break Into Arizona Real Estate

When it comes to breaking into the Arizona real estate market, buying land often proves to be a great first step. In fact, with vacant land, you have the potential to build significant generational wealth and even generate monthly passive income. First, remember that you must perform due diligence to lower risk with any investment. … Continued

3 Ways the Real Estate Market is Changing in Arizona

As just about every industry does, the real estate market in Arizona is constantly changing and evolving. Sellers and buyers have access to more technology that ever making huge changes to the way real estate deals are done. One big effect of this is that more and more people tend to avoid traditional agents altogether … Continued

4 Signs You Are Purchasing Valuable Land When Buying in Arizona

Savvy investors understand the benefits of adding valuable land to their real estate portfolios. Land, often overlooked when investors want to diversify, is a low-maintenance tangible asset that doesn’t depreciate and has a proven history of steadily increasing in value. In addition, there are many ways to realize cash flow from the land. Often, investors … Continued

3 Creative Real Estate Niches to Know About in Arizona

These days, more and more people are building a side hustle to supplement or eventually replace their traditional income, and we’re here to tell you that creative real estate niches should be on your radar as a golden investment opportunity. Real estate offers some exciting ways to earn a return on investment. By branching out … Continued

What You Should Know About Buying & Building on Your Land in Arizona

If you’ve been searching real estate listings for your dream home and not finding anything suitable, you’re likely among those buyers who have decided to locate their land and build. While taking on such a project may seem overwhelming, breaking everything down into smaller sections can help you get through the process. In addition, seeking … Continued

A Look at Power Installation

In this video, Jeff stops by one of our properties in Tonopah, Arizona, where the power installation is just going in. He talks about how it works and some alternatives to think about when building on more remote land. From the video: Hey this is Jeff Fassett. Just out here at one of these projects … Continued

5 Things To Look For When Buying Land in Arizona

Buying land, outside of purchasing it for your own use, is an investment asset often overlooked by real estate investors. Yet, the land offers a variety of methods to earn income and build wealth over the long term. Healthy real estate portfolios have a well-balanced selection from every market sector, and land should be a … Continued

The Best Way to Buy Vacant Land In Arizona

For real estate investors looking to build their portfolios and add diversity, the land sector offers an exciting opportunity to make excellent returns on your investment. There are nearly as many ways to utilize the land for profit as there are types of land to invest in, and often investors find creative and cost-saving ways … Continued

A Quick Look at Installing a Septic System

When it comes to building a home on a vacant piece of land, adding in a septic system is a vital step. In this video post, Jeff shares a unique look at what it takes to install a septic system and shares how the team at Southwest Land Deals can help you with every step … Continued

Feasibility Studies and Why You Need One For Your Arizona Land

Let’s say you plan to invest in and develop a great real estate project, making your next step: looking into Feasibility Studies. Hear us out. As much as we’re sure you’ve given your venture lots of time, energy, and forethought, we highly recommend taking this extra precaution to make sure what you’re dreaming of, will … Continued