The Arizona Peace Trail

In our latest video, Jeff stops at a mile marker along the southern part of the Arizona Peace Trail to talk about this desert landmark.

In July of 2013, the Bureau of Land Management and the Arizona Game & Fish Department partnered up to create a extraordinary project. They believed that by combining miles and miles of old mining roads; previously established dirt roads and tracks; and wide expanses of open desert land, they could essentially establish an off-road path connecting Yuma, Arizona, in the south to Bullhead City, Arizona, in the north.

At the same time, a handful of other small-town recreational groups were also in the midst of plans to establish their own off-road paths around the smaller towns of Quartzsite and Bouse, among others. When all of these groups heard about the project, they teamed up to “bring land managers from federal, state, county, city, and private ownership as well as OHV recreation enthusiasts together” and less than 2 years later, they opened the Arizona Peace Trail. With a vision to “provide the OHV recreation user with the ultimate off-road adventure,” it’s clear why traversing this amazing trail has reached bucket-list status for so many people.

Arizona Peace Trail

From the video:

Hey, this is Jeff with Southwest Land Deals. And I we took the day to explore some of Western Arizona, coming out to take a couple looks at some properties that we have out here. And something that we’re running into a lot, and a lot of people are talking about, is the Arizona Peace Trail.

If you haven’t heard about that, it’s a really cool concept, it’s starting to gain some momentum, and its 675 miles or so of a trail similar to this one behind me. I’m actually on the trail right now as you can see and it’s built for quads and side-by-sides and jeeps, and it loops around the entire Western part of the state. 

If you want to start at the Southernmost point, you start in Yuma and then you work your way up. You can come through Quartzsite, which is in La Paz County, all the way up to Mohave County, and Kingman, and then loop around to Wikieup and down towards Wickenburg. But it slides over into Bouse and Salome and a bunch of other little towns in Western Arizona that you’ve probably never heard of.

But I do want to show you, this is the, you can see the Peace Trail so it’s actually got, there’s the logo there, and then as you see like it’s got these markers. So it has different route and then it’s got I am actually on the trail. Where we are, we’re outside of Quartzsite right now. So this is kind of one of the major entry points as you can see. 

It’s a great trail for side by sides. And some people take you a couple days and just do a hundred mile section and camp and go along. There is a secret spot: It’s The Desert Bar. It’s up by [Parker, AZ], this totally off the grid place. They pump their own water generate, their own electricity. I was talking to a lady today about it. And they’re open in the winter time. So, I believe October or November through just about May. It’s just a great place to be, totally off the grid, but they’re a full-service bar and restaurant. Out there with all your outdoor friends. 

So again, we’re just talking a little bit about the Peace, Arizona Peace Trail and where it loops. We’ve got land for sale kind of throughout it. And so I just thought it’d be something to help with.

If you have any questions or want to talk more about the Peace Trail or take a look at any of our land, you can always check it out it or give us a call in the office at 480-442-7787. Thanks

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